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Who we are

Started in 1972 to make HDPE/PP bags, Polyspin commenced full fledged FIBC production in 1996. We are one of the largest manufacturer of FIBC Bags in the region. Over the years, we have developed an integrated facility for FIBC production with continuous upgradation & innovation. Polyspin has a strong customer base, nurtured and serviced by dedicated work force, and is always responsive to customer needs and expectations. We also manufacture cotton yarn & multiwall paper sacks.



To continuously make improvements in the product, process, procedures and people, thus exploring boundless possibilities and create capabilities that can make us remain focused on attaining leadership in our core areas of business, thus aiming to create delighted customers.


Dedication to best quality of customer satisfaction with continuous innovation, by creating an atmosphere of optimism and team work.


  • Continuous work on R&D to improve manufacturing systems and traceability leading to improved productivity and effective/efficient use of inventory.
  • Introducing ways to automate supportive procedures in manufacturing to achieve better efficiency in labour and systems.
  • Barcode enabled fabric store that ensures NO overstaying of fabrics in the warehouse, thus conforming to UV protection on fabric.
  • All workers being permanent (no contractual), enables continuous process training in skill development leading to better yield and quality of finished product.
  • Green Power from own Windmill generation, to the extent of 25%.
  • Customer feedback is thoroughly analysed for root cause and corrective analysis. Lessons learnt are well documented, implemented and monitored.
  • All queries are replied within 24 hours if clarifications are not required, otherwise in 48 hours.
  • Commitments on deliveries are taken as scheduled at all levels of production, ensuring unfailing shipment schedules.


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