Polyspin Limited


-  POLYSPIN is equipped with top brand extrusion plants, reputed circular looms with 4, 6 and 8 shuttles, world class sewing    machines. Also in the stable are good quality belt weaving looms, printing and cutting     machines, besides efficient hydraulic press    packing machines.

-  POLYSPIN also has a well established testing lab for in-house testing of load, UV etc.

-  Traceability system is in place for easy identification of when, where and by who any bag was processed.

-  POLYSPIN holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management.

-  Wooden pallets used for packing FIBCs conform strictly to ISPM-15 norms.

-  Enquiries are answered within 24 hours with quote.

-  Samples normally leave within 4 working days of receiving request.

-  Lead time for orders is kept at 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of order depending on bags.

-  Above all, end user confidentiality is strictly maintained.